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Wow! Gorillas

Wow Gorilla at Bristol Zoo

Our Wow! Gorillas auction raised over £400,000! Click here to read our live blog from the event

The gorillas are back! Click here for more info

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In the year that Bristol Zoo Gardens celebrated its 175th anniversary, Wow! Gorillas brought a world class mass public art event to the streets and parks of Bristol over the summer. Bringing together residents, visitors, schools, artists and businesses for a truly memorable shared experience for the whole city, the event was a resounding success, bringing joy to the people of Bristol and raising over £400,000 for vital gorilla conservation work and for local Bristol charity Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal.

Wow! Gorillas really showcased the creative genius that has given Bristol its unique and vibrant culture. Artists decorated life-size gorillas, sponsored by local businesses which were then placed around the city for 10 weeks between 6 July and 6 September. 

A map showing the locations the gorillas were placed in the summer can be found here.

Wow! Gorillas certainly seemed to capture the imagination of tourists and Bristolians alike, the Facebook page has well over 13,000 likes, we've also had lots of blogs and individual Facebook accounts pop up for the gorillas. A selection of some of the quirkier blogs and Facebook pages can be viewed below:

Wow! Gorillas official Facebook page
Irene the Bristol Rovers gorilla Facebook page

Alfred the Bristol City gorilla Facebook page

Going, gone gorilla Facebook page

Wow! Gorillas...Nearby Foodie Favourites blog - a guide to the best eateries close to each gorilla
 3D Wow! Gorillas photography blog (get your 3D glasses ready!)
Bristol Gorillas - Information and photos of the gorillas, created by one of our fans

The Gorillas also went digital this summer - we launched a Facebook competition and mobile phone apps for iPhones and Android phones to make gorilla spotting even easier!

Check out our Wow! Gorillas Facebook page

Click play below to watch a video of our Gorillas visit London.

Gorilla auction

Our auction raised well over 400k, click below to read our live blog from the night

Gorilla conservation

Find out how Bristol Zoo's sister organisation BCSF helps to protect gorillas and their natural habitat

Trail map

Download PDF

Download our trail map and keep it as a memento of the Wow! Gorillas project!