Bristol Zoological Society’s 9th Annual Symposium

The little things that run the earth: Why we need invertebrates and why they need us

Bristol Zoological Society has selected Invertebrate Conservation as the topic for the next Annual Research Symposium.  Invertebrate species are of immense ecological importance but typically receive far less attention than charismatic mega-fauna.  Join us to explore why invertebrate conservation is of vital importance and how different conservation measures can help to save these important animals. 

Where: The Clifton Pavilion, Bristol Zoo Gardens

When: Feb 8th 2017 from 9:45 am – 5:30 pm

Fees: £75/person (£45/student)

Speakers include:

Dr Erica McAlister (Natural History Museum)

Dr Ceri Lewis (University of Exeter)

Dr Ben Rowson (Natural History Museum of Wales)

Dr Gerardo Garcia (North of England Zoological Society)

Vicky Kindemba (Buglife)

Jen Nightingale (Bristol Zoological Society)

Mark Bushell (Bristol Zoological Society)


Click here for full details of this years Annual Symposium. A full list of speakers is available upon request.

To register: Please download a Registration form and return completed forms to Dr Sue Dow using the details provided on the form. 


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