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The build starts! - 09/08/2012

Build News

The builders are now on site and work is underway to develop the Gorilla house. The inside is being prepared so the setting out process can start; this is where the new plans and drawings from the architect are plotted on site to ensure the correct dimensions and levels are established before the building work starts.

News from the keepers

The gorillas are starting to relax now with the building work going on around them. Initially Jock and the whole group seemed a little unsure of what was going on, but they stuck together for reassurance and are now adjusting well. Salome spends a lot of the day outside around the back of shelter which is her favourite spot. From here she can enjoy the peace and quiet whilst watching her youngest, ten month old Kukeña, beginning to explore the island. Another reason for the group settling is Namoki coming out of oestrus. During oestrus, Namoki becomes even more confident and flouncy, causing more disruption within the group.

The best time to see the Gorillas is at 12.30 at the Gorilla feed and talk.

Cheo mural

The hording surrounding the Gorilla House became the canvas for local graffiti artist Cheo, after only three days it is now finished and looks great!  

Cheo mural on gorilla house hoarding

To support this project and help us build this great new home for the Gorilla Family, text ZOO APE and your name to 70444 to donate £3, or by using the phone on this page. 

Welcome to our Gorilla Diary - 04/07/2012

Welcome to our Gorilla Diary. With the building work due to start soon, here you will be able to read the latest news from the keepers and exciting updates on the construction work.

Gorilla Island is home to seven western lowland gorillas: silverback and head of the family, Jock; our mums, Salome and Romina; and youngsters, Kera, Namoki, Komale and new baby Kukeña.

You can enjoy seeing our resident gorilla family wherever you are by watching them live on our webcams. We have two cameras, one overlooking Gorilla Island and one inside the gorilla house, so you can see our gorilla family play, sleep and feed at any time, night or day.

Look out for more updates soon and support the project by ‘texting’ to donate using the phone on this page.

Our gorilla house is being refurbished