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Bug World

Partula Snail at Bristol Zoo

Enter Bristol Zoo’s Bug World and visit some of the strangest and most interesting characters in the invertebrate world – including insects, spiders, honeybees, snails, crabs, jellyfish and corals.

Start your journey in the dusky forest where you’ll see giant stick insects, hairy tarantulas, beautifully-coloured beetles and a busy leaf cutter ant colony at work.

Follow the path through the marine world and find out about upside down jellyfish, beautiful starfish and brightly coloured coral.

Next, visit the hot and dry desert zone, home to creatures such as magnificent spiders and a swarm of locusts.

Finally, be transported back to Victorian Britain to find out how creatures such as the medicinal leech have helped people through the ages. And don’t forget to see if you can spot the deadly black widow spider living in one of its favourite haunts – under the toilet seat!

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