What we do

Bristol Zoological Society is a conservation and education charity, which runs and operates Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Wild Place Project. By visiting the Zoo you are helping us Save Wildlife together across the world. 

Registered Address: Bristol Zoological Society Ltd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3HA

Company registration: 5154176

Charity registration: 1104986

Our vision is to:

Create a sustainable future for wildlife and people

We will do this by:

Putting conservation at the heart of what we do

We aim to:

  • integrate conservation, sustainability activities and social and environmental awareness into every aspect of our work.
  • promote these values through working partnerships, education and commerce.

Managing animal and plant populations

We aim to:

  • be a world leader in sustainable population management. This means working closely with other zoos, botanical gardens and strategic partners to secure the future of animals and plants.

Conservation of wild populations

We aim to:

  • increase the number of field conservation activities we initiate and support around the world. 

Science and research

We aim to:

  • do research which supports zoo-based and field conservation of threatened animal and plant species.

Ethics and animal welfare

We aim to:

  • advance best practice in animal husbandry and welfare, to maximise the physical and psychological well-being of animals in our care.
  • act ethically in all areas of our operations, management, fundraising and investment.

Integrated learning

We aim to:

  • educate our audience, to encourage them to act in ways that benefit wildlife conservation. In this way, we can help create a sustainable future for both wildlife and people.


We aim to:

  • effectively communicate our values and objectives both inside and outside the organisation.

Partnerships and community involvement

We aim to

  • develop relationships that help us achieve best practice in all our activities.
  • lead the development of mutually beneficial partnerships in the UK and worldwide. We want to work with other like-minded organisations, to ensure we achieve our conservation and education goals.

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