Visit The Original Zoo! Spring has sprung at Bristol Zoo
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Did you know we are The Original Zoo? We have over 100,000 plants, 9,500 animals and 183 years of experience! We are celebrating spring this year with over 6,500 spring plants blooming and ready for your enjoyment.  

"What do you mean 'The Original Zoo'?"

Bristol Zoo is the 5th oldest zoological garden in the world - and the oldest outside a capital city! Established in 1835 and originally known as the Clifton Zoo, we opened on 11th July 1836. The word 'zoo' was first mentioned in print in reference to Clifton Zoo in 1847 - making us The Original Zoo!

9,500 Animals

Bristol Zoo is home to over 9,500 animals and with over 10 daily talks and feeds, you’ll get to know our amazing inhabitants like never before! For talks and feed times click here. 

Our 155 exhibits offer amazing viewpoints of all our animals, including the 180 degree view gorilla house and our truly immersive underwater walkways at Seal and Penguin Coasts.

Venture into Twilight World, home to two-toed sloths, slow loris and naked mole rats to discover the secrets after sunset. Our Reptile House is home to a host of reptiles and amphibians of all shapes and sizes. Come face to face with our incredible 28 stone giant tortoises!

All this and so much more!


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