Teacher Resources

Enhancing your visit:

If you’re looking for ways to keep your students busy during their visit here are some ideas:

Teacher Map and Guide: Download a map and guide specifically designed for teachers

Animal fact sheets:

Visit the Animals & Attractions web page to find information about the many animal species we have here at the Zoo; you will find interesting facts about animals’ diets, habitats and conservation status.

Here are some ideas for using the factsheets:

  • try printing the pictures of the animals and using these on your visit to get children to identify them at the Zoo
  • ask the children to match the animal to its’ habitat

Animals from different continents                                                                                                                     

Africa: Western Lowland Gorilla, Drill, Dwarf Nile Crocodile, Pygmy Hippopotamus, African Pancake Tortoise, African Penguin, Aye-Aye, Ring-tailed lemur

Asia and the Indian Ocean: Red Panda, Amethystine Python, Asiatic Lion, Lion-tailed Macaques, Agile Gibbons, Livingstone’s Fruit Bat

Australasia and the Pacific: Warty Pig, Rock Wallaby, Slow Loris, Cuscus, Quolls, Kowari

The Americas: Armadillo, Brown Spider Monkey, Golden Lion Tamarin, Tapir, Cuban Boa, Mara, Pudu, River Otters, South American Fur Seals

Bugs! Don’t forget – if you are focusing on bugs and Minibeasts we have very knowledgeable volunteers available to answer questions in the Butterfly Forest; and don’t miss BugWorld, with spiders, leaf-cutter ants, a real beehive and underwater invertebrates to name a few……


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Book online & save up to 25% on your admission tickets