NEW! Rainforest Resource Bag

To support our KS2 rainforest education session, we now offer a rainforest bag full of themed challenges for your class to complete as they explore the Zoo. If you would like to take advantage of this resource, just mention it when you book.

Enhancing your visit:

If you’re looking for ways to keep your students busy during their visit here are some ideas:
Teacher Map and Guide: Download a map and guide specifically designed for teachers

Animal fact sheets:

Visit the Animals & Attractions web page to find information about the many animal species we have here at the Zoo; you will find interesting facts about animals’ diets, habitats and conservation status.

Here are some ideas for using the factsheets:

  • try printing the pictures of the animals and using these on your visit to get children to identify them at the Zoo
  • ask the children to match the animal to its’ habitat

Animals from different continents

  • Africa: Western Lowland Gorilla, Drill, Dwarf Nile Crocodile, Pygmy Hippopotamus, African Pancake Tortoise, African Penguin, Aye-Aye, Ring-tailed lemur
  • Asia and the Indian Ocean: Red Panda, Amethystine Python, Asiatic Lion, Lion-tailed Macaques, Agile Gibbons, Livingstone’s Fruit Bat
  • Australasia and the Pacific: Warty Pig, Rock Wallaby, Slow Loris, Cuscus, Quolls, Kowari
  • The Americas: Armadillo, Brown Spider Monkey, Golden Lion Tamarin, Tapir, Cuban Boa, Mara, Pudu, River Otters, South American Fur Seals

  • Bugs! Don’t forget – if you are focusing on bugs and Minibeasts we have very knowledgeable volunteers available to answer questions in the Butterfly Forest; and don’t miss BugWorld, with spiders, leaf-cutter ants, a real beehive and underwater invertebrates to name a few...

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