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Meet our new ferrets

Say hello to our four new ferret boys Edison, Darwin, Gandalf and Tesla (clockwise) who have joined the education animal collection.

They love getting cuddles, snuggling together and rolling around in their ball pit, and have already made their teaching debut in some of our amazing sessions. 

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Be Brilliant with your BBQ this Summer

Did you know that you can help protect rainforests just by buying the right charcoal? A recent investigation by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), has shown that charcoal imported from Namibia, in south west Africa, is often harvested illegally, under dire working conditions and without any consideration for the environment.
We’re confident that you wouldn’t want to buy this kind of charcoal. But how can you tell the difference? Well, it's really simple. When buying charcoal, or indeed anything made from wood, just look for the FSC symbol on the packaging. Then you can be confident that the wood has come from a well-managed forest.


A nose for danger

Our education officers have been working hard to train our pouched rats ready for use in our education sessions. Dylan and Hooper, the Gambian pouched rats, are brothers with a nose for danger.

In Mozambique, Gambian pouched rats are used for all sorts of important jobs. They have such an acute sense of smell that they have been trained to sniff out land mines, tuberculosis in saliva, and are even being used now to locate smuggled elephant ivory.

Watch out and see if you can spot them when you are visiting the Education Centre!



Wyche School Project - Lemur Conservation at its Best

We recently welcomed back KS2 pupils from the Wyche School as part of a project that was started at Bristol Zoo. Back in September the class attended a special Lemur Conservation education session, where they learnt about the work that Bristol Zoo is doing in Madagascar. The session included learning about lemurs and practising some of the techniques that our researchers use when studying wild lemurs.

The class then went back to school and thought about how they could help and decided on a project to design a new lemur adoption pack that we could use at the Zoo. This cross curricular project focused on the children looking at all the aspects of putting a product together including design, production and budgets.

When they returned in December to show off their hard work, education staff were blown away by what they saw! As a special treat, one of the education team arranged a special ‘lemur question and answer session’ with one of our presentation keepers, so the students could see some lemurs up-close.

Teacher Vicky Whitehurst commented:
“…the children were so pleased and the head was very proud of them. It was fab to visit for a second time, the children felt much more at home the second time round. Meeting other members of your team really made the children feel it was all real I’m sure. They will remember this day and the lemurs for life!”


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