Small-scale conservation projects


The Ellioti Project was initiated by Osiris in 2013 in the North-West region of Cameroon. Originally, it consisted of a regional research on the diversity of monkeys and the distribution of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes elllioti). After the survey, the project focussed on the Kom Forest where six species of monkeys and potentially two groups of chimpanzees were identified. In summer 2016, an MSc student from UWE, supervised by a staff member of BZS, did his field work on site and identified six nocturnal primates. BZS is now getting more involved in the Kom Forest because of the interest the society has had for Cameroon for almost ten years. Moreover, the objectives of the Ellioti Project are in the line of the society's vision: the preservation of wildlife through an active role of local populations. The Ellioti Project, now led by Sekakoh NGO, is working on the conservation of the forest with local stakeholders, and towards a sustainable use of natural resources. There are currently four BZS camera traps in the forest, monthly monitored. In the next 5 years, the project is planning (amongst other activities) to have a workshop on sustainable hunting, to maintain community eco-guard patrols, to build a Research Centre, to change the status of the forest into a Communal Forest, to pursue research on primates and to inventory the diversity of other orders.


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