New Year's Resolutions at the Zoo

Our animals are embracing the New Year...

2019 was another fantastic year here at the Zoo, with visitors, staff and volunteers supporting our mission to save wildlife together. To name just a few successes, our team bred two endangered blue-spotted tree monitor lizards – a UK first! – as well as several hundred critically endangered Desertas wolf spiders and two Socorro dove chicks.

It’s not just the humans who are making exciting plans for 2020 – our animals have also made some New Year’s resolutions…*

  • Asiatic lions Sonika and Sahee have promised to tone down the PDA this year – have you seen them snuggling up since Sahee’s arrival in August?
  • Our Aldabra giant tortoise Biggie celebrated his 44th year at the Zoo this Christmas, and keepers believe he is over 60 years old – so for 2020, his housemate Helen has promised to stop making old man jokes at him
  • Agile gibbons mate for life, and they sing to strengthen their bond – our pair, Samuel and Duana, have decided to brush up on their next duet for 2020 (they were thinking ‘Islands in the Stream’)
  • Our troop of squirrel monkeys, Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah and Kimberley, have promised to get the band back together
  • Pygmy Hippo Sirana is going to finally start working on her novel in 2020: ‘Hippo Life: Tales from the Poolside’
  • Jock, the western lowland gorilla, is going to get into the party spirit and throw a bash for Ayana and Afia’s birthdays – they turn 3 and 4 in 2020!
  • Our Desertas wolf spiders are keen to prove that arachnids aren’t scary  – they’re going to set up a weekly social club for everyone in Bug World (be there or be square)

*Animals have made no such promises

Celebrate the New Year with a visit to see our critters – there are over 400 species to discover, and 89% of our animals can be viewed under cover!


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