Bristol Zoo appeals for help in solving the mystery of the lost sketch book

Staff at Bristol Zoo Gardens are trying to solve the mystery of a lost sketch book.

The A5 Crawford and Black pad was found in the Zoo at Clifton in the past week and handed into lost property.

It contains a series of eye-catching watercolours, drawings and pencil sketches.

Amongst them is a portrait of a woman writing with the title “Deb on the 11C” and the date 4/3/17.

Another shows a trio of smokers with the title “Back of the Fox and Goose Acocks Green” which was drawn on the same day.

There is a grey and white sketch of the outside of the Fox and Goose which is in Birmingham.

And another study of a man called “Tim on the 11C”.

There are also drawings of an ornate egg cup and a yellow plastic duck with the title “Chicken Week” and in brackets “Tomy Pet from 1989”.

Bristol Zoo receptionist Carrie Francis said: “It really is a mystery. There is no name inside the book but clearly whoever has drawn the sketches has real talent.

“We would love to be able to reunite the book with its owner.”

The book is one of hundreds of items which are left at Bristol Zoo gardens each year.

Already in 2017 people have gone home after a day at the 180-year-old Zoo and left wallets, purses, reading glasses, jumpers, walking sticks, hats, coats, rings, bracelets, lunch boxes, cameras, phones, bags and even single shoes.

Carrie said: “We literally fill boxes full of these things. We always take details from people when they report something is lost and we try our best to reunite people with their property.”

She said if wallets went unclaimed then any money in them is donated to the Zoo which is a registered education and conservation charity.

Visitors to the Zoo also lose bank cards and ID cards which for security reasons are destroyed after a short time.

The rest of the items are sent to local charity shops so nothing is wasted.

Carrie, who has worked at the Zoo for 14 years, added: “We get hundreds of items left here during the summer especially.”.

She said the artist’s notebook was particularly unusual and she would love to return it to its owner.

If anyone recognises the drawings or knows who owns the book they can contact Carrie at Bristol Zoo on 0117 4285 300 or email receptionist@bristolzoo.org.uk


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