Keepers celebrate the arrival of a dozen rainbow lorikeet chicks

Our flock of rainbow lorikeets has been boosted by the hatching of a dozen chicks.

The chicks begin life semi-bald, but over the coming weeks will develop the brightly coloured plumage which makes them so recognisable.


It has been our most successful breeding year for the birds, with more chicks expected over the coming months. The new arrivals boost the colony to 51 birds, making it one of the biggest flocks in Europe.


The chicks have hatched as we prepare to mark the tenth anniversary of the opening of our lorikeet walk-through exhibit and adjacent ‘Splash!’ water play area this weekend. Splash! re-opens this weekend for the summer.


Keepers will train the birds to fly down and feed from visitors’ hands, ready for public feeding sessions to take place over the summer holidays.


Trevor Franks, curator of birds at Bristol Zoo Gardens, said: “The birds have bred well over the past couple of years and we are pleased to see so many of these noisy little chicks thriving.


“They are bright, colourful and inquisitive little parrots and will happily come down and land on peoples’ arms to feed. We are looking forward to offering visitors the chance to hand-feed these spectacular birds this summer.”

The chicks will be fully grown at around three months old, when their dark grey beaks will turn orange, and in two to three years they will be ready to have chicks of their own.


Rainbow lorikeets are a member of the parrot family and originate from Australia.


Bristol Zoo Gardens is a conservation and education charity and relies on the generous support of the public not only to fund its important work in the zoo but also its vital conservation and research projects spanning five continents.


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