Iced lollies help Bristol Zoo animals keep cool

Keepers at Bristol Zoo are pulling out all the stops to keep animals cool as temperatures soar.

They have been making special iced-lollies for animals at the 12-acre site where thermometers recorded 31C in the past 24 hours.

Some are made from blackcurrant fruit tea and others from crushed grapes, squashed bananas and vegetables.

The crown lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs especially like the lollies containing corn on the cob and beetroot.

The racoons Rocky and Meeko had rocket shaped lollies with spinach and banana in them.

And skunk Rogue had one made of grapes and banana.

Staff at the 180-year-old Zoo have also been spraying some of the animals with water to help keep them cool.

Then have even taken watering cans into the enclosures to give animals a refreshing shower.

And the water in drinkers for the meerkats has been chilled to help keep them cool.

Mammal keeper Jenna Walker said: “Lemurs come from Madagascar so they are quite used to the heat but giving them iced-lollies helps to cool them down if they want that and it is a form of enrichment because they have to work to get the food.

“We make them from what would naturally be in their diet. They do love beetroot and corn on the cob.”

Keepers do not give them ice-lollies or ice-creams that we eat simply because they have too much sugar and fat in them.


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