Help us choose a name for baby lemur

​We are looking for a name for our latest arrival at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

**Winning name was Mafy - votes have now closed.**

The tiny Lake Alaotran gentle lemur arrived just two weeks’ ago and was born to mum Alina and dad Mamboly.

Keepers do not yet know whether it is a boy or a girl but they have come up with three possible names drawn from Madagascar where lemurs are found.

They are:

  • Mafy, which means loud in Malagasy, because this new lemur is very vocal
  • Ravina, meaning leaf, suggested because the baby’s dad is called Mamboly which in Malagasy means plant, and
  • Telo, which means three as this is Alina’s third born.

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This gentle lemur’s birth is great news for the Zoo which has kept this Critically Endangered species since 1990.

Sarah Gedman, mammal team leader at Bristol Zoo Gardens, said: “It’s always exciting to welcome a newborn and Alina is proving to be a fantastic mother.”

Alina has already had two offspring - a daughter Antoka and son Maso - who are still in the family group.

Lake Alaotran gentle lemurs are Critically Endangered in their native Madagascar because their habitat has been destroyed by people. Their numbers are also threatened by hunters who catch them for food and to keep as pets.


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