New gorilla arrives

Touni, a new female gorilla has made the Zoo her new home.

Touni, arrived from La Valle des Singes Zoo last week and recently made her debut appearance on Gorilla Island.  

At seven year’s old, Touni has reached sexual maturity and it was time for her to move on from her previous home. In the wild, sexually mature females tend to leave their natal group to join a silverback or another breeding group.

Introducing a new animal to an already formed group can present a few challenges, especially with western lowland gorillas who live in strong social groups. Our keepers have been working very hard to make sure the gorillas adjust positively to the change in the group.  

Touni was very confident with the silverback, her father in her previous home. We hope that she will draw on that confidence here and become a strong member of our gorilla family.

The Gorilla House is currently closed whilst Touni settles in but the gorillas can be seen out on the Island at various points throughout the day. We’ll update you as soon as the House is open.


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