Eco-friendly and sustainable gifts at the Bristol Zoo shop

Bristol Zoo Gardens’ shop has unveiled a range of eco-friendly and sustainable new gifts for visitors.

They include a collection of beautifully carved wooden toy animals including a gorilla, lion and hippopotamus.

Each of them is made from renewable wood that comes from responsibly managed forests certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).  They are part of a drive by the Zoo to sell fewer things made from plastic.

Other new items include cups made from bamboo which are fully biodegradable. They will shortly be joined by bamboo coffee mugs and a full dinner service.

A range of eco-friendly pens and pencils has also been introduced.  The pens, which each carry the Bristol Zoo gardens logo and outlines of animals, are available in blue and pink and are biodegradable.

The pencils, bearing the Bristol Zoo Gardens’ name, are also made from wood from FSC certified forests and some are even made from recycled bank notes.

There are also fridge magnets and keys rings made from hazelnut wood and carrying pictures of some of the Zoo’s most popular animals, including red pandas and gorillas.

They are made from hazelnut wood branches and are produced without the need to fell any trees.

Keith MacKay, manager of Bristol Zoo Gardens’ shop, said: “We want our shop to reflect the values of Bristol Zoological Society so our visitors are taking home things that are helping to protect and save wildlife.”



Wood toy animals £3.99

Hazelnut wood key-rings £3.99

Bio-degradable pens £1.99, Pencils 99p

Bamboo cups from £4.99

Hazelnut wood fridge magnets £3.99


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Book online & save up to 29% on your admission tickets