Christmas trees go on sale Bristol Zoo Gardens

The countdown to festive season is underway and Christmas trees have now gone on sale at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

In the run-up to Christmas day, Martin Harrisson, known as Harry, and his team will sell around 1,500 trees from the west car park opposite Bristol Zoo’s Pavilion.

Opening times for Christmas tree sales in Bristol Zoo Gardens’ west car park on College Road, Clifton, are:

Monday to Friday 9.30am to 7.30pm

Saturdays 8.30am to 6pm

Sundays 10am to 4pm

Harry has been selling trees every Christmas in the Zoo’s car park off College Road for the past six years. Some of the trees have been brought from Scotland, Ireland and even Norway, while many are transported just a few miles from the Mendips.

Harry said: “Lots of people come in with their children and really enjoy the experience of choosing their Christmas tree. People can take up to 40 minutes to make their choice but we are always happy to help them.”

He has four types of tree on sale ranging in height from three feet to 20 feet. 

Nordmann fir

They are a distinctive classic Christmas tree shape, dark green and normally pruned to shape.Their needles rarely drop. They are virtually indestructrable and their foliage is soft.

Fraser fir:

It has a grey-green foliage which is soft and smells of citrus and satsumas.

Their scent is fantastic. Some people buy them for the scent alone.

Noble fir:

This is the tree most German people prefer. It is asymetric with beautiful bluey, grey foliage and it has stiff branches which point upwards. The smell like the forest. 

Norway spruce:

This is the traditional Christmas tree which has that distinctive pine smell. It tends to drop its needles and they are sharper than fir trees. They are lovely trees.

Harry has some simple practical advice for keeping trees in good condition so they look great all over Christmas:

  • Firstly, saw about two inches off the foot of the trunk
  • If possible, leave the tree outside in a bucket of water over night
  • Ensure you keep the tree’s stand topped up with water 

Nordmann firs, noble firs and frazer firs cost from £8 per foot and a Norway spruce costs from £7 per foot. 


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