Bristol Zoo Gardens puts up Makaton signs

Bristol Zoo Gardens is helping people with communication difficulties, by introducing new signs.

The blue and white signs carry symbols for a range of animal houses at the Zoo including the Aquarium, Monkey Jungle, Reptile House and Butterfly House. Others highlight services throughout the Zoo, such as toilets.

Makaton is the UK’s leading language programme for adults and children with learning and communication difficulties. 

It has been shown to develop speech, language and communication skills and by using its gestures and pictures a child or adult can tell someone what they want, make choices and join in.

It is currently used by 100,000 people to support children and adults develop communication, language and literacy skills.

Rachel Topley, education officer at Bristol Zoo, said: “It really helps to improve a visit for people who use Makaton. When school groups come in these signs help children using Makaton feel more included.”

Similar signs are also going up soon at Bristol’s Zoo’s sister site Wild Place Project.


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