Bristol school joins Zoo in fight to save lemurs

Bristol’s Redmaids’ High School is helping in the fight to save lemurs from extinction.

The school has sponsored the lemur walk-through and enclosure at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

The sponsorship money will go towards looking after the Zoo’s ring-tailed and crowned lemurs as well as helping vital conservation work.

Bristol Zoo is involved in research and education work on the island of Madagascar off the south-east coast of Africa, the only place where lemurs are found living in the wild.

Their future is under threat because their habitat is being destroyed by people cutting down trees to plant crops.

Bristol Zoo, which is part of Bristol Zoological Society, is working with conservation groups to help safeguard the lemurs’ future.

Pupils from Reception, Years 1 and 2 at Redmaids’ High School visited the Zoo to unveil a plaque celebrating the partnership and to learn more about these endangered species.

During their visit they also investigated eggs and which animals come from eggs, linking in with a current Infants science project.

Mrs Lisa Brown, Headteacher at Redmaids’ High Infant & Junior School, said: “An important part of our school ethos is broadening horizons and developing a global outlook in our pupils, equipping them for our modern world.

“This partnership feeds directly into this, while supporting vital conservation work.

“We are thrilled to be involved in the Zoo’s work in Madagascar which, as well as protecting wildlife, also contributes to teaching and learning there.”

In February, two ring tailed lemurs were born at Bristol Zoo on the same night, each weighing less than 100g (3ozs), and four months’ later a baby crowned lemur arrived.

There are now nine ring-tailed lemurs and five crowned lemurs at the 180-year-old Zoo.

Dr Grainne McCabe, head of field conservation and science at Bristol Zoo, said: “We are really grateful for the support of Redmaids’ High School in sponsoring our lemur enclosure and helping our vital conservation work in Madagascar.

“Partnerships like this will help to make a real difference in our efforts to safeguard the future of Madagascar’s wildlife.”

Bristol Zoo Gardens is a conservation and education charity and relies on the support of its visitors and sponsors to fund its animal conservation work in the zoo and with endangered species around the world.

Head of Marketing at Redmaids’ High School, Kate Hodgins, said: “As an educational charity, our partnership with Bristol Zoo aligns closely with our own community involvement programme that sees students, staff and parents fund-raising for many local and overseas projects.”


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