Amazing dads here at the Zoo

We're celebrating some amazing animal dads this Father’s Day.

One of the best is also one of the biggest. He is 28-stone western lowland gorilla, Jock.

He helps look after three-year-old Afia and Ayana, who is two.

Mammals team leader Sarah Gedman said: “Jock is a really good dad. Both Afia and Ayana enjoy playing close to him where he can keep a watchful eye over them.”

The far smaller golden lion tamarins are also great dads carrying the infants around between feeds.

On the day the latest one arrived its dad, Dourado, immediately began to help look after it, so mum, Missy, could rest.

Male flamingos are also really good dads. They help to incubate the eggs and then after the chicks hatch they play their part in rearing them, bringing food to the young fledglings.

Visitors can see all of these animals on Father’s Day and every day at Bristol Zoo Gardens.


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