Gorilla Island

Gorilla Island is home to a family of eight western lowland gorillas. One silverback, Jock as well as Kera, Kukena, Romina, Salome and Touni. In February 2016, Kera's first baby Afia was born after an emergency caesarean section. In April 2017, Touni gave birth to baby Ayana.

A £1million re-development of the gorilla house has seen it more than double the size of the exhibit for our growing family of gorillas, and has added a mind blowing 180 degree guest viewing area of these six magnificent animals.

Using heavy-duty toughened glass, our 32 stone silverback male gorilla Jock and the rest of the gorilla family are able to move above the heads of guests.

Come along to see the gorillas and immerse yourself in this unique, close-up experience - the only one of its kind in Europe! You can find out more about our western lowland gorillas here.

Join our gorilla keepers in the daily talk and feed, to learn more about our gorilla family and their wild cousins. Timings can be found on our What's On page. 

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