Animal adoptions

Gift box adoptions

If you are an animal lover or know someone who is, adopt one of our eight favourite Bristol Zoo animals today and receive an exciting adoption pack in the post. Your pack will contain two tickets to the Zoo, a cuddly toy, an adoption certificate, your name displayed at the exhibit and a fact-file about your chosen animal. Take your pick from:

  • NEW Afia the baby gorilla
  • Kamran and Ketan the asiatic lions
  • Babushka the meerkat
  • Jock the silverback gorilla
  • Poppy the penguin
  • Lady Hilary the red panda
  • Biggie the giant tortoise
  • Kukena the gorilla
  • Afu the ring-tail lemur

Adoptions can be made in a matter of minutes online for just £40.  Adoptions last for 12 months from your chosen start date.

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Group adoption

Get together to help wildlife by adopting an animal as a group. Come and visit your animal together. It could even become your mascot! Cost to adopt an animal- £60. Please call the adoptions team on 0117 974 7300 to order your group adoption.

You can choose from eight different animals and group adoptions cost just £60.



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