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Organise a Timto party!

Organise a Timto party!

Enjoy this unique children's birthday-present service... with a charitable twist!

What is Timto?

Timto is a new, free children’s birthday-present service. In fact, it’s the first of its kind. And it’s simple. Children buy presents from their ‘ultimate’ wish list, at the same time as raising money for their chosen charity. The aim of ‘Timto’ is to raise £1million for charity while providing great presents for children.

Register your party with Timto!

A guide on how to regsiter your party with Timto!

How it works

You set up a free, online birthday account. This gives your guests the chance to contribute to a ‘fund’ rather than buying individual gifts. The birthday boy or girl makes a present wish list from the Timto shop and selects a charity of their choice (such as Bristol Zoo). You then decide what proportion of the money you collect goes to that charity.

Because Timto works in association with, the choice is endless. And you can also organise a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience through ‘Red Letter Days’.

Timto also makes organising childrens’ birthdays simpler – with party invites you can download, an RSVP service, and the option to display party details (eg. a map of the venue). 

Timto is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board.


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