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Terrace Theatre

Amazing animal show - Photo taken by Bob Pitchford

During the day, the Terrace Theatre is the venue for Animal Encounters, an event giving you the opportunity to meet some of our smaller animals close up. Animal Encounters takes place everyday at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm in the off-peak season, with an additional 4pm encounter in peak season.

You can also enjoy the Amazing Animal show from our outdoor stage. A specialist team works with animals as diverse as free flying birds of prey, Colin the red-ruffed lemur, Archie the armadillo and Rocky the raccoon to present a fun and fact-filled display. This demonstration of amazing animal abilities reveals just what makes them winners in the evolutionary race.

Summer events

During the evening the Terrace Theatre comes alive with the sights and sounds of theatrical and musical performances – all part of our programme of summer evening events.

What's on at the Zoo

Take a look at our event calendar and find out what's on when you're visiting.


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