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Staff involvement

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering is very popular with companies wanting to give something back to the community. At the same time, they foster a healthy team spirit as working together to achieve something worthwhile can be extremely motivating.

We’re looking for teams to help us:

We ask that each group makes a donation to help us cover costs for basic equipment provision, supervision whilst on site and materials to complete the task. This could be through employee fundraising or by accessing a company fund. To find out more about corporate volunteering and how you can help us click here.

9.30 Arrival and site tour
10.00 Morning activity
11.30 Mid morning break
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Afternoon activity
16.00 Clear up
16.30 Depart

Recycle your mobile

There are up to 90 million unwanted mobile phones in the UK, which could be put to better use. How? By recycling them.

Mobile phones contain coltan. Approximately 80% of all coltan is mined and extracted from the forests of the Congo Basin – home to the critically endangered lowland gorillas. This mining has led to widespread deforestation, habitat destruction, and an increase in illegal poaching and the bush-meat trade.

So as well as preventing your mobile phone from ending up in a landfill, recycling your old, unwanted phone today will help save this endangered species.

Charity of The Year

Nominating Bristol Zoo Gardens as your Charity of the Year is a great way for your company to make a positive impact on our work in conservation and education. There are many benefits of being a Charity of the Year:

• It promotes team-spirit
and helps boost staff morale

• It means the ‘zoo’ can visit your office!

• You’ll receive regular updates about animals, conservation and education activities.

Sporting Events

We’re looking for teams and individuals to take on a challenge. Whether you choose to run, walk, swim, cycle, skydive, climb… you can do it to help one of our many conservation programmes.

For more information, call Richard Rollings on 0117 9747329 or email

Corporate opportunities

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Recycle your old mobile phone

Safeguard the future of gorillas and recycle your mobile phone

Putting a price on Nature

Join us for a practical insight into managing biodiversity risks and delivering real business value

Support our conservation

Donate today and you could help us recue abandoned penguin chicks