Why are we carrying out conservation work in Cameroon? 

The wild population of western lowland gorillas is estimated somewhere between 90,000 and 110,000, but this number is in rapid decline. 

They are now classified as a ‘Critically Endangered’ species in the wild due to habitat destruction and hunting.

Why endangered? 

The illegal commercial bush-meat trade has caused the decline of western lowland gorillas in Cameroon. Gorillas are hunted, killed and sold for their meat, both for its taste and supposed ‘medicinal properties.’ In many areas this is seen as culturally acceptable. In addition, local people have very limited access to alternative protein sources.
Current research in an area around the Dja Biosphere Reserve indicates that hunting levels are such that local extinctions are almost certain within the next ten years. 

What are we doing in Cameroon? 

Our work is concentrated in the Dja Biosphere Reserve, southern Cameroon. 
With local partners we help support young primates orphaned by the illegal bush-meat trade at primate rescue centres and also re-home gorillas at the Mefou National Park sanctuary.
We provide our local partners with financial support as well a UK base, facilities, and advice and training in veterinary, animal care and education programmes - helping local people help themselves to a more secure and sustainable future. Read more about Bushmeat trade trade here.

What is our strategy?

We are focussed on supporting law enforcement activities and providing outreach and engagement programmes to highlight the future challenges to communities if uncontrolled hunting continues.
We are also looking into ways that local people can access alternative protein sources, such as fish farming. 

Save wildlife with us 

The western lowland gorilla is in sharp decline. The reality is this wonderful animal could disappear for good within the next ten years. With your help, we can do more to make sure this doesn't happen. Click here to see the easy and fun ways to save wildife with us.  


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