Bristol Zoological Society carries out field conservation programmes in five continents across the world and research programmes both in the field and right here at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Our mission is to identify and implement sustainable solutions to species and ecosystem conservation challenges through research, action and local collaboration.

Our field programmes are each linked to exhibit areas in Bristol Zoo Gardens, such as the brown spider monkey in Monkey Jungle and African penguins in Seal and Penguin Coast. 

Follow the links to explore our fantastic conservation projects and learn what we are doing to save wildlife around the world.

Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project

- wildlife surveying and monitoring, habitat management as well as educating the people of Bristol about the site and encouraging them to use it.

Avon Invasive Weeds Forum 

- educating, raising awareness, controlling and reducing the negative impact of invasive non-native weeds in the Bristol Avon catchment area. 

Cameroon project 

- working with locals to help support young western lowland gorillas orphaned by the illegal bush-meat trade at primate rescue centres and also re-home gorillas at the Mefou National Park sanctuary.

Crayfish in Crisis Project 

- conserving endangered UK native crayfish through field conservation, captive breeding, research and education.

Colombia project 

- working to conserve the habitats of animals such as the Critically Endangered blue-billed curassows, spider monkeys, silvery-brown tamarin, jaguars, Magdalena river turtles and many more.  

Comoros Islands project 

- safeguarding the future of the Livingstone’s fruit bat by working with local communities in the Comoros to help them improve their livelihoods; encourage alternative methods of agricultural development, sustainable land management and highlight the importance of local biodiversity.

French Polynesia project 

- removing invasive species and restoring habitats to allow Partula snails to return to some of their former range.

Giraffe House Appeal 

- working to protect giraffe, by safeguarding a population in human care alongside a sustainable population in the wild.

Madagascar project 

- working in partnership with 30 European Zoos to help safeguard the future of Madagascar’s lemurs, including field-based research, community-based development programmes with local people and maintaining a population of lemurs in human care.

Philippines project 

- protecting the habitat of the bleeding heart dove by helping to educate locals about the importance of forest protection, reforestation and putting a control on hunting through incentives.

South Africa project 

- working with local conservation centres to hand-rear abandoned South African penguin chicks and offer rehabilitation to chicks that have been oiled.


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