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ZooRopia Testimonial

February 2015

Just wanted to say thank you to the team on Sunday who helped my son Tom around the course. Your team were great with him, patient,fun, firm and encouraging.  Last time he attempted a high ropes session he only made it to the top of the ladder!  He loved it!

Amy Weeks
June 2011

Just wanted to tell you how great Mia at ZooRopia was today, my daughter looks very able but is on the autistic spectrum and Mia quite correctly said she may freeze. Mia was straight to Laura's side and guided her through the platforms. Laura was very upset and wanted to get down but with Mia's help she completed the whole ZooRopia to her great delight and a massive boost to her confidence and self-esteem which she is really lacking in.

Guest and Grandmother of ZooRopia user
May 2014.

My husband and I visited the zoo yesterday with our three grandsons. First stop Zooropia with the eldest and the youngest.  The youngest being Sam, 7 years. He has never attempted this before and would not have got round the course without the help of the young lady, sorry I don't know her name, and Reuben. They were amazing. I cannot praise nor thank them enough. The young lady coaxed him round the course and Reuben finished the last obstacles by talking him through it, up their with him. Because of their help he was elated he had done it and will do it again and his self confidence grew enormously so I just wanted to say thank you to both of them  and to let the management at the zoo know what helpful, kind, efficient and patient staff they have. A credit to everyone.

Mother of ZooRopia user
August 2013

We have come 2 or 3 times a year and enjoyed the zoo facilities. Highlight of every trip is one or two young people who summon all of their courage to participate in Zooropia. The amazing, encouraging and motivating staff always make sure our club members feel valued, important and achieve the incredible satisfaction of completing the course. They then talk about it continually all year. The benefits of half an hour achieving something they never felt possible does more for self-confidence and esteem than any other aspect of their lives.

Most of our young people face huge daily challenges. Some have life limiting conditions, all spend the majority of their time closely supervised and protected, so the Zooropia experience is truly unique. Massive thanks to Rod, Ben and Johnny and all the staff who make a real difference to the lives of our young people. Such a simple thing with unquantifiable benefits.

Joanna Burton
North Wilts Holiday Club for children and young people with special needs
August 2012  

"Just a short note to say how impressed I was today with the ZooRopia staff. I dont think I've encountered a nicer bunch of people in any environment who seem more interested in their customers and their enjoyment.

Please pass on my thanks."

Penny Smith (mother of Emily)
April 2011

“I wanted to write to let you know that when I was at the Zoo yesterday I overheard one of your Staff on ZooRopia talking to a young girl who was struggling to complete the course. He was amazingly skillfull, encouraging and used pyschological methods to aid the girl to continue on and succeed.

I must say, as a qualified Youth Worker myself, I was very impressed with his interaction with her it was a joy to hear! If only all young people had the same encouragement in schools! I have worked with many young people who have been put off physical challenges by bullying and misunderstandings by adults but the way this person worked was perfect: encouraging, confident and yet gentle enough to engage the girl's bravery.

We had a good day at the Zoo!”

Terri Manfredi, Youth Worker
July 2010

“My class of Y6 pupils, plus myself and 2 other adults, completed ZooRopia on the morning of Friday 18th June 2010. It was great fun & the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The team in charge were friendly, helpful and supportive, encouraging the children to progress through the course. Prior to our visit communication regarding numbers, appropriate dress and a pre-prepared risk assessment was quick and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate about bringing a class again.”

Alison Read, Y6 Teacher, Courtney Primary School, Kingswood
June 2010

"The course was challenging, safe and exhilarating. The staff were brilliant, I cannot praise them enough, I was very impressed. The children loved it, they went on twice and then thought that we should come back again the next day."

Sian Hickey, Kate, Adam and Arianna
June 2009

"My wife and I are regular visitors to the zoo, and in recent weeks we’ve watched your new attraction taking shape. On Monday we visited the zoo with our daughter-in-law and her three children. When Reuben, who is 11, saw ZooRopia he wanted to have a go and it was just the excuse I needed to go along with him. We both found the experience challenging and exciting. Reuben was also very impressed that his 73 year-old granddad was willing to have a go. I would like to congratulate Bristol Zoo on this great new attraction.Thank you and keep up the good work."

John Jenkins
July 2009

“ZooRopia is an assault course that you climb around and get an aerial view of the animals. At the end there is a zip wire – who wouldn’t want to do that? It was awesome – I’ve never laughed so much.”

Dev, BBC Radio 1 early breakfast show presenter.
September 2009 

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