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Red panda

One of the most popular animals we have is Jasmina the red panda. You can see Jasmina in her enclosure on the zoo’s top terrace, where she likes to snooze in her favourite spot – at the top of a tall tree!

Red pandas are an endangered species, native to the mountainous regions of Nepal and southwest China, where it is very cold and snowy. They are perfectly equipped to deal with the cold thanks to their long, thick fur, which also helps protect them against rain. They even have fur on the soles of their feet to keep them warm when walking on snow.

Red pandas live solitary lives in the wild and only come together to breed. They are excellent climbers, using their strong claws to grasp branches, and tend to be more active at night – spending most of the day asleep.

The major threat to the red panda is habitat destruction and the loss of forests, due to demand for land and timber. 

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Red Panda image courtesy of Peter Budd

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