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Recycle your old mobile phone and help safeguard the future of gorillas

There are up to 90 million unused mobile phones gathering dust in homes across the UK. We are working with ‘Greensource Solutions’, a local recycling company to encourage people to recycle their old mobiles. For every mobile phone we receive, we get a donation of up to £10 – regardless of its age or condition. 


Mobile phones contain coltan. Approximately 80% of all coltan is mined and extracted from the forests of the Congo Basin – home to the critically endangered lowland gorillas. This mining has led to widespread deforestation, habitat destruction and an increase in illegal poaching and the bush-meat trade.

You’ll also being doing your bit for the environment as it means your phone won’t end up in a landfill.

You can also recycle printer cartridges, PDA’s, Sat Nav devices, MP3 players and digital cameras.

Use one of our FREEPOST envelopes or send your phone (with battery) in a sturdy envelope to:

Greensource Solutions
NAT 1965

Don’t forget to remove your SIM card first.

If you’re a school, community group or company, you can order a supply of our freepost envelopes to distribute. Just call 0117 304 2390, quoting reference Bristol Zoo or email

For more information, call the Development Department on 0117 9747329 or email