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26 January 2012
Volunteers are being sought to help save hundreds of toads and other amphibians from being killed as they make their perilous annual breeding migration.
18 January 2012
Babies have been born to two new stingrays which arrived at Bristol Zoo last summer.
17 January 2012
A visitor to Bristol Zoo got more than she bargained for when her boyfriend proposed in the gorilla house.
9 January 2012
Bristol Zoo Gardens is asking members of the public to vote their favourite local icons onto the Bristol Walk of Fame.
5 January 2012
It has been a busy start to 2012 as our keepers undertake one of the biggest jobs of the year – counting all the animals in the Zoo!
22 December 2011
Bristol Zoo’s twin Asiatic lion cubs turn one this Christmas Eve.
21 December 2011
A pair of tiny monkeys at Bristol Zoo has just had their fourth baby!
20 December 2011
Record numbers of a rare moth species only found in parts the Avon Gorge and nowhere else in England, have been reported following a survey by Bristol Zoo.
20 December 2011
This year, make sure you’re prepared for the big clear-up after Christmas, with Bristol’s guide to recycling in the city
15 December 2011
Christmas has come early for some of the animals at Bristol Zoo
8 December 2011
Two venomous new arrivals have been re-homed at Bristol Zoo after hitching a ride into the country on a car imported from California
7 December 2011
Many of the animal enclosures at Bristol Zoo Gardens will be heated using energy harnessed from the sun, as the Zoo has installed solar panels this month
1 December 2011
Bristol Zoo is asking members of the public to vote their favourite local icons onto the Bristol Walk of Fame.
30 November 2011
The baby western lowland gorilla born at Bristol Zoo recently is starting to find his feet.
25 November 2011
The festive season is in full swing at Bristol Zoo as a special visitor arrived for Christmas today.
23 November 2011
The festive season begins at Bristol Zoo this week as a special visitor arrives for Christmas.
23 November 2011
A member of staff at Bristol Zoo has won a prestigious photographic award
21 November 2011
The director of Bristol Zoo has been invited to join the panel at a global conference on how businesses can help protect forests.