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Livingstone's fruit bats

Bristol Zoo is home to 14 Livingstone fruit bats. They live together in a custom built enclosure with a specially heated indoor area and a large walk-through, free-flight aviary. This means visitors can enter the fruit bats’ home and see these beautiful creatures close up.

Livinstone fruit bat enclosure sponsored by Airbus

Livingstone fruit bats are one of the largest species in the world. They have an average wingspan of around 1.4 metres (four to five feet). However, they are also one of the rarest, and high on the endangered list. They are only found on two small islands in the Comoros, between Madagascar and Mozambique in the Indian Ocean, where their populations are under threat from severe habitat destruction. At Bristol Zoo, we’re working hard to protect this important species, with the support of Airbus.

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Conservation breeding programmes

This species is linked to important conservation breeding programmes. Click below to find out more