Rocky the Racoon forecasts general election outcome

Rocky the psychic racoon at Bristol Zoo Gardens has predicted a win for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour at Thursday’s General Election.

The eight-year-old racoon who loves to forecast the outcomes of major events made his prediction today.

He was faced with three upside down bins with a picture of Conservative leader Theresa May of one, Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn on another and a question mark representing a hung parliament on a third.

On top of each bin there was a selection of Rocky’s favourite food raisins, grapes and sliced bananas.

First of all Rocky made for the middle bin and a hung parliament but then walked smartly towards the picture of the Labour leader and stayed there at one point resting his paws on top of it.

The racoon, who lives with his brother Meeko, has previously predicted the outcome of a number of England’s football matches.

But it is fair to say that Rocky’s reliable psychic powers seemed to have left him when he was asked to predict the winner of the 2016 Great British Bake-Off.

He forecast that Jane Beedle would win with Candice Brown the runner-up and Andrew Smyth in third place. But in the end it was Candice who triumphed.

However Rocky seemed determined not to let that put him off and was looking confident when he was presented with the three options for the outcome of Thursday’s vote.

Bristol Zoo presenter Charlotte Haines said: “He’s very intelligent but also very mischievious. He’s very excited about the election. He’ll be up all night waiting for the result.”

And what policy would Rocky like to see at the top of the next government’s to-do list?

Charlotte said: “He would want a dustbin full of free bananas for every racoon!”


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