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Published 23.11.2016 Breeding success for leeches

A leech breeding programme is underway at Bristol Zoo Gardens marking the first to be seen in a UK Zoo.

Published 15.11.2016 Pledge just $1 to our lemur conservation project

Lemurs are in trouble and are disappearing fast. So much so, that your great grandchildren may never be lucky enough to see them in the wild. Attempts to reintroduce captive-raised lemurs to the wild may be necessary within a decade. In our latest conservation project, we will set the lemurs here at the Zoo and at Wild Place Project exciting tasks and challenges to see if it's possible. But, we need your help to get our Lemur Boot Camp started!

Published 03.11.2016 Afia and Romina’s outdoor adventure

Afia and her surrogate, Romina, took their first trip together outside on Monday (31 October) following a successful weekend of further bonding.

Published 28.10.2016 Animals get into the spirit of Halloween at Bristol Zoo Gardens

The animals at Bristol Zoo Gardens have been given carved pumpkins and spooky piñatas as a special treat in the run-up to Halloween.

Published 28.10.2016 Our lemur project helps safeguard the future of world’s most endangered mammals

The future of lemurs could be safeguarded, and the IUCN Red List status of a number of species downlisted, thanks to a significant donation to the IUCN’s ‘Save our Species Fund’ from a private Geneva-based foundation.

Published 27.10.2016 A trio of tiny chameleons hatch

From giant tortoises weighing over 30 stone (190kg), to 15ft pythons – Bristol Zoo’s Reptile House is home to creatures of all shapes and sizes.


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