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Published 10.12.2014 Bristol Zoo welcomes baby meerkat triplets to the family

The triplets were born on the 12th September to Babushka. The triplets are her twelfth litter, making her a very experienced mother to handle her demanding new brood. Meerkats most commonly have between one and five pups per litter, but three or four pups is average. The triplets are currently too young to be sexed so are yet to be named. At just over two week’s old, the babies weigh just 40grams.

Published 10.12.2014 Bristol Zoo’s gorilla comes of age and gets ready to say farewell

Western lowland gorilla Namoki is getting ready to bid Bristol Zoo farewell, before she moves to Belfast Zoo, where they hope she will start her own family. At nine years old, Namoki is mature enough to have babies of her own. As she is related to the male gorillas at Bristol Zoo, the time has come for her to move on and be introduced to another gorilla family.

Published 19.11.2014 Bristol Zoological Society to row for conservation in dragon boat race

Bristol Zoological Society will be rowing for conservation in the Sue Ryder Dragon Boat Race this Sunday (14th September). The Society’s directors and other staff members will be donning animal costumes and taking to the water for the annual Bristol boat race.

Published 10.12.2014 People’s Plant Collection project in the running for £120,000 to transform Bristol with native wild flowers

The People’s Plant Collection, a Bristol project, is gearing up for a chance to win £120,000 of funding from the Big Lottery Fund to help communities transform their area through Grow Wild, a UK mass participation programme. The ‘People’s Plant Collection’ aims to bring a flowerbed of colour to the Cumberland Piazza and transform it into a vibrant greenscape for wild flowers to grow. It will also provide the Bristol community with some of the UK’s rarest native plants to be displayed via ‘pop up’ gardens, which will emerge around the city, illuminating grey areas.

Published 19.11.2014 World leading primate expert joins Zoo’s conservation science department

A world-leading primate expert has just been appointed as the new head of conservation science of the Bristol Zoological Society. Dr Gráinne McCabe will head up the conservation science and research team at the Bristol Zoological Society – which operates Bristol Zoo Gardens and the new Wild Place Project at Cribbs Causeway. Gráinne will be tasked with leading the Society’s growing team of Higher Education & Research Officers and developing and implementing a proactive research strategy and programme in collaboration with the Director of Conservation.

Published 10.12.2014 The world campaigns to conserve lemurs

Friday 31st October marks the first ever World Lemur Day, a celebration spearheaded by the Malagasy primate expert group Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates (GERP), to raise awareness of lemur diversity and highlight critical conservation needs at both national and international levels. More than just a celebration, World Lemur Day is also intended to show the Malagasy government how the rest of the world is interested in lemurs; encouraging the government to conserve them.


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