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Published 29.01.2015 Blogs from the field - how many batteries?

We've had an update from Neil and Nigel who are currently out in the Philippines.

Published 10.12.2014 Blog from the field

Welcome to the Bristol Zoological Society’s first ‘Blog from the field’. During the coming weeks, months (and years) we’ll be sending out snippets of information on what our field teams and partners are currently up to in both the UK and overseas. Hope you enjoy them! Neil Maddison, Head of Conservation Programmes, Bristol Zoological Society.

Published 19.11.2014 Avon Invasive Weeds Forum secures grant to safeguard species within the River Avon

The Avon Invasive Weeds Forum (AIWF) has been granted over £13,000 through SITA Trust - following an application submitted by the Bristol Zoological Society - to control invasive weeds within the River Avon, which threaten both plant and animal species. The River Avon and its major tributaries is one of the most important river systems in the UK, supporting internationally and nationally important habitats and species. The Avon is rich in biodiversity with over 180 species of river plant, one of the most diverse fish populations in Britain and a wide range of river invertebrates.

Published 10.12.2014 Bristol Zoo welcomes baby meerkat triplets to the family

The triplets were born on the 12th September to Babushka. The triplets are her twelfth litter, making her a very experienced mother to handle her demanding new brood. Meerkats most commonly have between one and five pups per litter, but three or four pups is average. The triplets are currently too young to be sexed so are yet to be named. At just over two week’s old, the babies weigh just 40grams.

Published 15.04.2016 Trunki on board to help save giraffe

Purchase a Gerry the Giraffe Trunki and support Wild Place Project's Giraffe House Appeal

Published 10.12.2014 Bristol Zoo’s gorilla comes of age and gets ready to say farewell

Western lowland gorilla Namoki is getting ready to bid Bristol Zoo farewell, before she moves to Belfast Zoo, where they hope she will start her own family. At nine years old, Namoki is mature enough to have babies of her own. As she is related to the male gorillas at Bristol Zoo, the time has come for her to move on and be introduced to another gorilla family.


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