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Key Stage 1 sessions

‘Amy’s session was very imaginative and presented at the correct level for our children. It was also factual. Just right!’
Key Stage 1 teacher, February 2010.

‘Debbie had excellent control of the class.’
Key Stage 1 teacher, November 2009.

‘Dave’s delivery was brilliant- he kept my class’s attention for over an hour!’
Key Stage 1 teacher, January 2010.

National Curriculum links

Most sessions have links with the following: En1 Speaking and listening, Ma2.2 Numbers and the number system, Sc1 Scientific enquiry, Sc2.1 Life processes, Sc 2.2 Humans and other animals, Geog1,2 Geographical enquiry and skills, Geog3 Knowledge and understanding of places, Cit2 Preparing to play an active role as citizens, Cit3 Developing a healthy, safer lifestyle.

Other links are shown with the session descriptions.

Session details

Duration: 55 minutes.

Classrooms: We will use one of our four themed classrooms to create an exciting learning environment.

Animals: You may meet up to three live animals per session (unless otherwise stated). Animals include tame reptiles, small mammals and invertebrates.

Biofacts: We use items such as skins, furs, tusks, horns, shells and stuffed specimens in most sessions (many are confiscations from HM Revenue and Customs).

Multimedia: Short film clips are often shown to support your chosen topic. Close-up cameras may be used to show extra detail of our smaller animals.

Flexible sessions

When you complete your booking form, please include as much information as possible about the areas you would like us to cover – we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

For the full list of key stage 1 sessions we offer, click on the PDF on the right.

Or, let the Zoo come to you

We want to make our education programme available to everyone. Call 0117 9747369 or email if you’d like to know more about the zoo visiting you.

Key Stage 1 sessions 2014

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Teachers' notes

Topic-centred teacher notes to provide ideas for you to use with your group before, during and after a Zoo visit.

Risk assessment guidelines PDF

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