Seal and Penguin Coasts is an iconic part of Bristol Zoo. Many years ago, the Coasts were home to Sebastian the polar bear and our king penguins.

Today the Coasts are home to our African penguins, Inca tern, eider ducks and our family of South American fur seals. As you enter the coasts you'll be submerged onto a South African rocky beach side, with excellent viewing points for all of our birds. Our African penguins can be seen on the beach front, swimming in the water and nesting on the rocks with their young. African penguins are Critically Endangered and we are working with a rehabilitation centre in South Africa to help save these penguins. We also maintain a population here at the Zoo to ensure the survival of African penguins. Find out more about the important conservation work we are doing with African Penguins here.

As you walk through the shipwreck you'll find our South American fur seal family. At the Zoo we have five male fur seals, who can often be found playing and interacting with each other on the rocky cliff side, swimming through the water and basking in the sun in the warmer months. 

At Seal and Penguin Coasts, you also have the opportunity to view our penguins and seals on land or underwater. Head down underneath the Coasts and view these animals darting through the water, a magical experience.

Come and find out more about our South American fur seals and African penguins from the team who look after them every day in our daily talks and feeds. Timings can be found on our What's On page.


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