Malaysian giant turtles One of the heaviest fresh water turtles
Type reptile
Size 80cm
Weight 10-50kg
Diet omnivore
  • Summary
  • Dietary
  • Habitat
  • Conservation
  • The endangered Malaysian giant turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in Southeast Asia.

    It has a powerful head and strong jaw, with a slightly projecting snout. The head of the adult is uniformly brown or black, whereas the juvenile is dark mottled with a pale line extending from the mouth to the back of the head.

  • Little is known about the ecology and behaviour of the Malaysian giant turtle, it is broadly omnivorous eating mainly leaves and fruit along the water’s edge.


  • The Malaysian giant turtle is semi-aquatic, living in large freshwater lakes, swamps and rivers.

  • This turtle is classified as endangered in the wild, threatened by hunting and habitat destruction.

    It is hunted for meat, the pet market and for use in the Chinese medicinal trade. Its habitat is being destroyed in a large scale conversion of forests to palm oil plantations.





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