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Shimmering spots, stripes and spines are always on show in our colourful aquarium. Here you'll discover more than 70 species of fish, from a wide variety of tropical and temperate, freshwater and marine habitats. Have you seen our porcupine puffer fish? The seahorses? The red-bellied piranha? Or our two giant gourami – Gladys and Gerry?

You can also see clown fish like Nemo in our aquarium, swimming and hiding among the brightly coloured coral.

We recently revamped our aquarium to include a new underwater-themed mural, a huge replica shark’s jaw, replica giant clams, a ‘meet the keeper’ video. There’s also an interactive children’s play area with marine related puzzles, aquatic puppets and displays about fish sustainability. 

in 2013 we are helping to support the Big Fish Campaign which has the aim to raise awareness about the problem of aquarium fish that grow larger than the vast majority of home aquaria can accommodate, and to promote responsible buying and selling of these larger species. Find out more about the Big Fish Campaign here.

Click here for more information on the fish species kept at Bristol Zoo.

Aquarium - Photo taken by Bob Pitchford

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