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Animal displays and talks

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As well as plenty of seasonal events, Bristol Zoo Gardens also has a range of animal talks, displays and shows that run daily throughout the year. Whichever day you visit, there's always lots on offer!

Animal Encounter

Take the opportunity to see some of our minibeasts and other smaller animals right up close!

Animal Encounters are held in our Terrace Theatre and run at the following times:

During peak season - 1pm, 3pm and 4pm

During off-peak season - 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm

Amazing Animals

During peak season - A fun and fact filled display of animal athletics presented on the main lawn at 12 noon every day with animals as diverse as birds of prey, Colin the red ruffed lemur and Archie the armadillo.

Talk times

Help plan your day by using the list of talk times:

10.45am - Red pandas

11.00am - Lions

11.30am - Fruits bats

11.45am - Lemur feed and talk

12.00pm - Amazing animals display

12.30pm - Gorilla feed and talk

2.00pm - Meerkat feed and talk

2.00pm - Amazing animals display

2.30pm - Lemur feed and talk

3.00pm - Penguin feed and talk

3.30pm - Fur seal feed and talk

4.00pm - Drills

Bristol Zoo Map

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Take the ZooRopia challenge and swing like a gibbon on this unique aerial ropes course.